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Archetipes or Personas

It´s amazing how you really learn things when you have to use them. This week we had the challenge to translate our data and to transform our information into “personas”, we did our card sorting and had to analyze it and searched for our persounas cycles. It is NOT an easy task, but once you understand what you’re doing everything gets clearer. We’re every day getting nearer to something more concrete and touchable, we are finally getting somewhere!! (although quite wide yet…) On the other hand it is always awesome to realize that what you’re learning is, as a matter of fact, what is being used by innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide. That is what happened just yesterday in the conference we attended as a class where a Virginia Tech professor talked about costumer discovery.

by Tomás


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About the future of Food

Not so far from now we usually thought on food as something to be made on the board of a kitchen with no more sophisticated tool as a knife, a pan and a spoon, with the the aid of the fire on a stove for the heat and the cold of a fridge. Any other tool that were many times too expensive for the common were just for a few who wished to try something different, and most of them were chefs heirs of the 60’s french nouvelle cuisine movement who were willing to bring innovation to the plates of their diners. Now the well know molecular gastronomy, the ultimate refining of the nouvelle, is mixing many techniques from the labs and the engineering to make a whole new experience around the food. Gelify, Spherify and Foams are common words in the modernist cuisine glossary which make very interesting transformations of the ingredients and create unbelievable new things like a yolk that is not from an egg, caviar from fruits and edible foams, but the future doesn’t stop here.

The National Geographic’s May issue is dedicated to the evolution of food and agriculture around the world and in natgeofood.com I found an article about food 3D printing, the instamatic cuisine  at home has begun. But it seems not too promising right now, after all it’s price (from $1.300 up to $10.000) and the need of raw materials is something to be improved. But this as I said is just the beginning, a one for something that will be very interesting to see its evolution. 



Fruit’s caviar


A yolk not from an egg


On the road

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On the road

When I was researching for know our benchmark, a business caught my attention, because it is a really interesting idea… FOOD TRUCKS. Basically it is a mobile kitchen that transport and sells food, not only fry but also “real food”.
Some trucks are simple, others are very creative and even there are some amazingly cute. It depends on the kind of food.
Food trucks is a popular phenomenon which has caught on several countries, but Chile isn’t one of them… why? Obstacles imposed by the laws and regulations.
However, as our opportunity is to facilitate the access to healthy and tasty food in a fast way, it is worth considering this business as a great referent.


by Paulina

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If you don´t save it, it never existed

Last week we learned about the importance of saving the data you collect. We found out the huge difference that is to have a class about it and when you leave it directly. Although we had a not small field research we failed in translating our data, we had many pictures, many interviews, papers read and polls answered but we didn´t take the time to turn all that in simple, attractive sheets. And what happens when you don´t? you block yourself and you stop the process (when you have no time to stop). So we did our homework and turn our data into sheets 🙂
Now we are good and ready to go on, we have our model sheet for future field research so we won´t step into the same stone again.



by Tomás

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Government shutdowns social program on healthy feeding.

Yesterday was a sad day, the actual Chilean government of Michelle Bachelet has started to shutdown the social program of the former President Piñera  “Elige vivir sano” which points to the choice of healthy eating over bad eating behaviours in the chilean people and encourages to schools and parents to educate their children to choice the good option.

The ministre of social development, María Fernanda Villegas, told that the program can’t be shutdown because of its law level but  it is being reevaluated. But nothing has been done in the name of the program since the president Bachelet is on the foverment again.

I know and understand the political and ideological differences between both presidents but I think that what the government is doing with this program is not rational and shuld rethink before continuing.

by Claudio.

Programa elige vivir sano 

La Tercera: La moneda congela programa elive vivir sano 

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At what stage of your life you decide to “eat healthy”?

While I was looking for information about why people eat (or not) healthy, I found an interesting research made by “Elige Vivir Sano” (Chilean Government project) in 2013, to 2.213 survey respondent.

One of the topics was “what is healthy eating? ” and some of spontaneous responses were:

Eat vegetables and fruits, 65%

Do not consume fats, 24%

Do not consume fry, 19 %

Drink a lot of water, 15%

Eat white met, 7%, and so on.

So, it seems there is an intuitive idea of what is good and bad for our health, but do they eat in that way?

In the same government poll appear another question:  “ Have you done any of these actions to feed more healthily? Which ones?”

59% stated that drank more water, 56% ate more fruits, 55% consumed less fats, 17% drank more dairy, etc.

So, it exist an awareness of improving lifestyle.

And, why the country is concerned about these issues? It is kind of obvious (for me)… the rates of illness related with poor diet are worrisome.

9,5% of Chileans have diabetes, 33,4% have hypertension and 64% of population is overweight and obese aged 15 and over!!!!! This is disturbing (just to compare the last point, in USA the percentage is 69.2 %, in China is 18.9 %, in Denmark is 46.7%, in France is 53%, etc.)


Then arises to me a third question, which I tend to answer in the next weeks:

At what stage of your life you decide to “eat healthy”?


by Paulina 






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Eating well or eating fashion?

After taking some data in our field research we can start asking ourselves some questions… why do healthy people eat what they eat? why obese people can´t stop eating what’s gonna kill them? And so we start asking. I happen to have a lot of friends that are vegetarian or non red meat eaters, I myself belong in that group. Why don´t we eat red meat? or tuna fish? or GMO?

We are now trying to answer these questions by asking as many people as we can, but I have some answers in my world… people that are aware of what is good or what is not is mainly because they read, they’re interested and they understand the importance of a healthy diet. I’ve been vegetarian for a year and a half and since then (and since I stopped breathing through my mouth) I never again got a flu… years before it was once or twice a year that amigdalitis attack me. In the same scenario I can tell you that hangovers are almost a tickle nowadays and after eating I never again felt “heavy”.

But that’s just me, what about the others? we’re about to find out.


by Tomás