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How Jamie Olivier sees the Food problem:

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I’ve recently seen a Ted Talk where the expositor was the british chef Jamie Olivier. Him, with empathy, eloquence  and charisma explains how the obesity has scaled in the U.S. to a level where the most dies in that country is directly related with food problems, how people feed. He shows that in the next years the life expectation will fall just because of the eating related problems and diseases.

Then he explains brilliantly a very important point, the education of children about the topic at school, he realised that the U.S. system promotes even with such simple things, like prohibiting forks and knives at school, fast food (which don’t need any silverware). He showed that the american children doesn’t know where their food come from, showing to some children tomatoes, potatoes, aubergine and bees who barely recognised some of them.

He finishes the video advocating for a new movement to accomplish this, to educate the people, to educate the kids.

Now in Chile, my country, we live a real problem with obesity as well as the U.S., I believe that the causes are the same in some way or another, there are perverse incentives to sell and buy fast food, processed products with many artificial flavours, colours and ingredients that comes from a lab somewhere in another part of the world. I believe we cannot fight against them by law (as some politicians agree), I believe that the really important point where everything come from is what we value, as individual and community. We need to educate the children to appreciate fresh against processed, natural against artificial, local against global. That’s what I believe.

by Claudio.

source: Jamie Olivier: teach every children about food


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