Make the Effort!

Eating well or eating fashion?

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After taking some data in our field research we can start asking ourselves some questions… why do healthy people eat what they eat? why obese people can´t stop eating what’s gonna kill them? And so we start asking. I happen to have a lot of friends that are vegetarian or non red meat eaters, I myself belong in that group. Why don´t we eat red meat? or tuna fish? or GMO?

We are now trying to answer these questions by asking as many people as we can, but I have some answers in my world… people that are aware of what is good or what is not is mainly because they read, they’re interested and they understand the importance of a healthy diet. I’ve been vegetarian for a year and a half and since then (and since I stopped breathing through my mouth) I never again got a flu… years before it was once or twice a year that amigdalitis attack me. In the same scenario I can tell you that hangovers are almost a tickle nowadays and after eating I never again felt “heavy”.

But that’s just me, what about the others? we’re about to find out.


by Tomás


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