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At what stage of your life you decide to “eat healthy”?

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While I was looking for information about why people eat (or not) healthy, I found an interesting research made by “Elige Vivir Sano” (Chilean Government project) in 2013, to 2.213 survey respondent.

One of the topics was “what is healthy eating? ” and some of spontaneous responses were:

Eat vegetables and fruits, 65%

Do not consume fats, 24%

Do not consume fry, 19 %

Drink a lot of water, 15%

Eat white met, 7%, and so on.

So, it seems there is an intuitive idea of what is good and bad for our health, but do they eat in that way?

In the same government poll appear another question:  “ Have you done any of these actions to feed more healthily? Which ones?”

59% stated that drank more water, 56% ate more fruits, 55% consumed less fats, 17% drank more dairy, etc.

So, it exist an awareness of improving lifestyle.

And, why the country is concerned about these issues? It is kind of obvious (for me)… the rates of illness related with poor diet are worrisome.

9,5% of Chileans have diabetes, 33,4% have hypertension and 64% of population is overweight and obese aged 15 and over!!!!! This is disturbing (just to compare the last point, in USA the percentage is 69.2 %, in China is 18.9 %, in Denmark is 46.7%, in France is 53%, etc.)


Then arises to me a third question, which I tend to answer in the next weeks:

At what stage of your life you decide to “eat healthy”?


by Paulina 







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