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Government shutdowns social program on healthy feeding.

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Yesterday was a sad day, the actual Chilean government of Michelle Bachelet has started to shutdown the social program of the former President Piñera  “Elige vivir sano” which points to the choice of healthy eating over bad eating behaviours in the chilean people and encourages to schools and parents to educate their children to choice the good option.

The ministre of social development, María Fernanda Villegas, told that the program can’t be shutdown because of its law level but  it is being reevaluated. But nothing has been done in the name of the program since the president Bachelet is on the foverment again.

I know and understand the political and ideological differences between both presidents but I think that what the government is doing with this program is not rational and shuld rethink before continuing.

by Claudio.

Programa elige vivir sano 

La Tercera: La moneda congela programa elive vivir sano 


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