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About the future of Food

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Not so far from now we usually thought on food as something to be made on the board of a kitchen with no more sophisticated tool as a knife, a pan and a spoon, with the the aid of the fire on a stove for the heat and the cold of a fridge. Any other tool that were many times too expensive for the common were just for a few who wished to try something different, and most of them were chefs heirs of the 60’s french nouvelle cuisine movement who were willing to bring innovation to the plates of their diners. Now the well know molecular gastronomy, the ultimate refining of the nouvelle, is mixing many techniques from the labs and the engineering to make a whole new experience around the food. Gelify, Spherify and Foams are common words in the modernist cuisine glossary which make very interesting transformations of the ingredients and create unbelievable new things like a yolk that is not from an egg, caviar from fruits and edible foams, but the future doesn’t stop here.

The National Geographic’s May issue is dedicated to the evolution of food and agriculture around the world and in natgeofood.com I found an article about food 3D printing, the instamatic cuisine  at home has begun. But it seems not too promising right now, after all it’s price (from $1.300 up to $10.000) and the need of raw materials is something to be improved. But this as I said is just the beginning, a one for something that will be very interesting to see its evolution. 



Fruit’s caviar


A yolk not from an egg



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