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Two observations

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Two observations

After the last meeting with our mentors, I think we are on the right truck. However, we must to define a few things that are not clear yet.
Two observations, related with the platform, were particularly interesting:

First, if the food is quick to be cooked, is there any value to reserve the product?
I think so, if it entails something special.
For example, a different experience. But which one… We don’t know yet.

Second, although many people in Santiago have Smartphones, not all have Internet access (one of our requirements). Well… this Friday, in the Publimetro newspaper, the following headline appeared: Improvements in Transantiago include free Wi-Fi for users.
This will facilitate our service. Awesome!

by Paulina


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Food daily doses

As we already know we need a daily dose of out many thins: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and more. The first 3 are the more important accordingly their weights and vital purpose.  I’ve read many web pages and they recommend about 200 up to 300 g of carbs, 35 to 160 g proteins and ideally no more than 70 g of fat per day. As well as 30 g of fiber per day and no more than 1.5 g of salt.

This numbers tell us something really special: doses varies a lot. which may add new requirements to our product.


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I found two books with a lot of food information.

The first one is titled as “Placer y salud en su mesa”.

Offers recipes that prevent and cure possible diseases and functional disorders. Each recipe not only specifies the nutritional information (calories, protein, carbohydrates, fiber, total and saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium), but also names certain organs or functions that benefit.

The second one is titled as “El poder medicinal de los alimentos”. It is similar to the previous, well… was written by the same author (Dr. Jorge Pamplona), however, in this book don’t appear ready meals, only vegetables and fruits. Tomorrow I will show them to you 🙂

by Paulina

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Networks and coolaborative work

Now that the idea is geting shaped we have to think how our final work will include this asset. It is really important for us that whatever we design includes a social factor, an interface where people can share their opinions and tell each other what do they think about our service. We need to keep working on how to make this an interactive space between the customers for them to have the best experience possible. 



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A new way to pay

This week we focused in the development of our product-service, one of the topic that arouse was how the people is going to pay for that, we then search into the web and found that in the US people is now using a RFID system within their smartphones.


As our solution has to serve to many people, many of those who don’t have a Smartphone we tried to rethink in this and we remembered the Bip card of the public transport, we thought that this may work as the basis for the payment system.


Now we’re trying to get more information in this payment method that seems to be perfect because everyperson has a bip card in Santiago.


by Claudio.

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We have found another important point where we can work.

When we started to capture the cycles of our personas (a normal day), we discovered that not only share one thing in common (few time to eat) but also their transportation times and types are similar.

All of them use the public transportation system, and it is in these moments where they usually eat unhealthy fast food like “sopaipillas”, because it is cheap, fast, tasty and they can go on eating it in theirs idle times (while they are waiting for the bus or walking to the subway station).

That is why we decide to create our mock ups considering this scenario, because we don’t want to change it, we want to be part of it.

by Paulina

Second meeting

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Second meeting

On May 5 we had our second meeting with Maria and JooYoung .

After explaining what we have been doing during the last few weeks, they told us what things are relevant (to put attention).

– Simplify what is healthy and define what is fast and accessible

– How to “deliver the sensory part” (smells, colors, textures, etc)

– Understand the experience behind the vendors (the food is served hot and immediately), why are so consumed?

– Keep in mind the people drivers

– May be the packing made the difference (green, fun, technologic, etc)

– If the “healthy message” is not effective, change the strategy and show benefits like feeling good, power or energy, skin benefits, being good at 45, and so on

by Paulina